From the owner: The Struggle Is Real

I mentioned in my last blog that I would talk about how humbling this experience has been.  For me, talking to anyone about my finances is very difficult.  I'm very prideful and I don't like anyone to know I'm struggling financially.

I really cant say why it embarrasses me so much, I guess its just my upbringing.  I was raised VERY poor.  I am the youngest of four children and we almost always had at least one other child living with us.  I really don't know how my parents kept food on the table and a roof over our heads but somehow they made it work.  But I'm thankful for that experience because it taught me so much.  Among other things, it taught me that I never want to be in that situation again.  It also taught me that if you consistently work hard, and are willing to do what other people wont, you'll be successful.  Those two things were ingrained in me at a very young age. As a result, I have always been very driven in my career.  Always striving to reach the next level, get a promotion or exceed my bosses expectations.

I think most people know that when you start a business you cant expect it to be profitable for 1-5 years.  But of course I thought I was different because I bought an established business and changed the business model to include day spa services.  Boy was I wrong!  I truly thought that if I offered services other than massage, the clients would come in droves to get these great services. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

In the first year, I struggled so much trying to keep all the bills paid and keep my home.  So, yes, I was (am) humbled.  Actually humbled doesn't quite describe it.  If you add stressed beyond my ability to cope and absolutely terrified, you might get close to what I was feeling.

Truthfully, I'm still in the middle of my struggle.  I haven't reached the point yet where I can breathe easy but everyday I feel one step closer to success.  I think the struggle is important to my success because I appreciate my clients and loyal employees (WAY more than they will ever know) and I strive to provide quality products and services and we go above and beyond to provide great customer service.

The struggle is real but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!  Until next time....Dare to Jump!

Theresa Roy, Owner
Texas Sports Massage and Day Spa


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