From the Cosmetologist: My Journey to Becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist

Some people that have known me my whole life have trouble believing that I became a beauty professional considering I have never really been a "girly" girl. My mom always talks about how when I was a little kid, I could care less about what I looked like. I was totally cool with not having matching clothes or disheveled hair. I truly didn't care. It wasn't until I turned probably 13 or so did I really start caring about my appearance. Up until then I was generally a hot mess (and I still am sometimes, haha).

I will say that I always had a knack for hair and make up. I was always doing my friend's hair and make up for fun or for special events. There was a time where my mom gave me a box of make up that she didn't use any more and it was on on like flan! I would sit at my mom's vanity and play with make up and at times I would go a little overboard and end up looking like a drag queen (not that I am not fascinated by those ladies). I always loved getting creative and experimenting with colors though, no matter how ridiculous I looked.

After I graduated from high school, I got my first "big girl" job at a department store at the women's fragrance counter. I was so stoked to be working in a place where I could potentially do make up. Eventually, I was transferred to a make up counter (which was a lot longer than I was promised) and I was very excited. Finally! this was my chance to showcase my talent as a make up artist and finally get my foot in the door. I soon found out that this job was way more about sales than about actual talent.  I learned a lot, but I was excited to move on to my next journey as a make up artist.

Next time I will talk more about my experience as a make up artist and what inspired me to go to school to become a Licensed Cosmetologist and what lead me to Texas Sports Massage.

Until then remember Beauty is Power!

Tess Cancino
Licensed Cosmetologist
The Spa at Texas Sports Massage


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