Firm Pressure vs. Deep Tissue, what is the difference?

So many people do know the difference between firm pressure and deep tissue massage.  But there is a BIG difference.  
A firm pressure massage is typically done using Swedish technique with long strokes using the palm of the hand and/or forearm.  It's typically not painful unless the area being massaged is sensitive due to a previous injury and sometimes triggerpoints.
A deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue and may be quite painful.  Typically the finger tips/thumbs and/or elbow and leverage are used to apply pressure deeper into the tissue.  Deep Tissue massage can be helpful for athletes who are very hard on their bodies, post surgical patients to aid in the breakdown of scar tissue (once they have healed from their surgery) or anyone who has dense tissue who wants/needs to realign the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Again, this type of massage can be very painful even if done properly.
Every massage therapist's touch is different.  If you have a massage that doesn't quite suit you, don't give up on massage, try another therapist.  All massage therapists understand this and there will be no resentment if you decide to try another therapist even within the same establishment.
That's all for now.  In the mean time...Dare To Jump!

Theresa Roy, Owner
Texas Sports Massage and Day Spa


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