A New Solution To An Old Problem

Hey Everybody!  Do you have a question about Massage or Spa services that you've always wanted to ask but didn't?  Well, today we are going to answer one of our Frequently Asked Questions with the help of David who is one of our Massage Therapists.

We asked David, "What is the most common question that your clients ask you?
He said, without hesitation,

Why am I in such pain?".

Most commonly, the clients will also say they haven't done anything strenuous that would typically cause them to pain.  His answer:
Most people who aren't athletes (tennis, cross fit, weight lifting, jogging/running, cycling, etc.) but they have pain typically are office workers who complain of low back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain.  They often underestimate the toll that sitting for long periods of time at a desk or computer takes on their body.  He states that the simplest resolution to this problem is to take frequent breaks to get us and move around.  There are other options such as ergonomic keyboards, a desk that can be lifted or lowered (Veridesk), a balance ball (rather than a chair) or a projector if possible.
Massage therapy could also be valuable to treat people who have similar issues.

Unfortunately, so many people view massage as a luxury that is reserved for vacation, your birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.  We would like you to know two things about massage that you might not have considered before.

One, massage is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  Studies have shown that massage is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.  Other studies indicate that massage may also relieve anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia related to stress, and other medical disorders.  It's also a great adjunct to physical therapy and chiropractic therapy.

Two, you don't have to be an athlete to get a sports massage.  A sports massage is really about the techniques used during the massage rather than about who the massage is being performed on.
In conclusion, if you are asking yourself "Why am I in such pain?", you should consider a new solution to an old (and common) problem.

Tess Cancino, Licensed Cosmetologist, Office Manager
"Beauty is Power"
Texas Sports Massage and Day Spa


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